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Digitally Delivered Placement Learning Experience

Updated December 2024


Working with Health Education England, NHS partners and Universities within the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Integrated Care Board, Neoniq’s, technology enhanced, digitally delivered, placement learning experience was  designed alongside the NHS to help healthcare students' development. It uses a coaching approach, to explore and enhance students' professional identity, digital skills and their leadership skills, whilst allowing them to explore and enhance their personal and professional wellbeing. Since starting the journey in 2022 we have delivered digital placements to over 600 nursing, physiotherapy and dietetic students from 5 Universities across 2 NHSE regions.

The placements have a designated placement profile and are audited. Feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been part of new programme development and approval. The placements have now been reviewed by the NMC as part of ongoing and new programme approval processes to meet all NMC placement standards Nursing students are also able to evidence NMC proficiencies as part of the placement.


 95% of students who submitted placement evaluations would recommend the placement to other healthcare students, whilst the remaining 5% would 'maybe' recommend the placement

Placements delivered to date have been bespoke and have consisted of themed weeks, the placement length typically being between 4 and 6 weeks. The weeks have been used together as stand-alone practice learning activities, or combined with face to face placements as part of a blended practice experience. There is a strong focus on reflection, self and peer evaluation and as you would expect for any placement, there will interaction with service users, carers and healthcare professionals during placement activities.

Some examples of the indicative content are included below. For more details and bespoke placement options, please contact


 indicative content for this week will include:

  • Leadership theory and research in healthcare

  • Supporting collective leadership

    • Peer support

    • Coaching 

    • Mentorship

  • Collective leadership model

  • Motivational interviewing 

  • MECC (Making Every Contact Count)

  • Individual vs team Leadership

  • Organisational culture

  • Leadership and patient care 

Team Meeting
Image by Christina @

Workforce Transformation 

The indicative content for this week will include:

  • Professional identity

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Transdisciplinary working

  • MDT development

  • Role development

  • Patient Centred care 

  • Training needs 

  • Organisational & service understanding 

Wellbeing and resilience

The indicative content for this week will include:

  • Self assessment

  • ABC approach (accept and act, Body and brain, connection and community)

    • Recognising & dealing with stress/burnout

    • mindfulness

    • Alertness to risk and risk management

    • Networks partnerships and strategies

    • Recognising and managing conflict

    • Recognising and dealing with bullying and harassment 

Smiling Student
Brainstorm Team Meeting

Service Development and Improvement (system)

The indicative content for this week will include:

  • Improvement models

  • Change management

  • Project planning

  • Strategic levers and drivers

  • Service user and carer involvement in service design and delivery

  • Quality Assurance and evaluation

  • Sharing & Dissemination

Entrepreneurship, Employability and career planning

The indicative content for this week will include:

  • Networking 

  • Social media

  • Career planning 

  • Mentorship and coaching

  • Personal and Professional development 

  • Marketing 

  • Business Planning 

Working on Laptop
Online Medical Consultant

Digital Health

The indicative content for this week could include:

  • Virtual wards

  • Digital consultation skills

  • Digital inclusion

  • Digital exclusion

  • Remote monitoring

  • Digital literacy

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