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Knee Joint Examination
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Face to Face Healthcare Placements

We are now providing a range of face to face placements in our West Yorkshire training and treatment centre. These placements are offered to a range of healthcare students as part of a first contact multidisciplinary assessment and treatment team. 


These placements will run alongside primary care Physiotherapy placements as part of  Neoniq Training Solution Ltd’s patient care services 


These placements could be suitable for most healthcare students, such as

  •  Medical and Physician Associate students

  • Nursing Students

  • Occupational Therapy students 

  • Paramedic students

  • Pharmacy students

  • Podiatry students


Our clinical service will be a student led service, with all patients being seen by students and being supervised by experienced clinical staff In an educational teaching clinic environment. All supervising staff have significant learning and teaching experience in a clinical context. As it is a student led service, the emphasis is on student learning and development. 


As part of the face to face placements, students will get the opportunity to:  


  • See patients with both neuromusculoskeletal (NMSK) and health and wellbeing issues directly as a first point of contact in a community setting. 

  • Practice first contact NMSK and wider health screening, testing and advice

  • Health and well-being and first contact service, seeing patients directly without prior referral

  • Deliver healthcare interventions or refer to each other,  as well as social prescribing

  • Liaise with local GPs where appropriate and necessary

  • Undertake additional specialist training as part of any placement 


Neoniq Training Solutions Ltd are working with Health Education England, NHS partners and Universities within the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Integrated Care System to provide practice placement learning experiences for healthcare students. 


For more information, contact us at 

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