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About Neoniq Training Solutions Ltd

‘Working together to build resilient healthcare workers who through developing excellence, are able respond to and adapt to ongoing change and unexpected disruptions in the NHS and beyond’

Training and Treatment Centre

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We are physically located  in Shipley, West Yorkshire. For more details and for how to contact us please see our contact page

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Neoniq Training Solutions Ltd is a new start up established by two experienced healthcare educators with a proven track record in delivering innovative training and high quality face to face and technology enhanced, digitally delivered practice placement learning experiences for healthcare students. Our educational background ensures expertise around academic, Quality Assurance processes and assessing student work

The team are all practising clinical staff, experienced clinical educators and all have or are working towards Higher Education teaching qualifications. They combine this experience to work with students to provide high quality, cost-effective patient care

Providing you with all your healthcare training requirements 

Meet the Team

Michael Hellawell
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I’m passionate about training healthcare students. I have over 15 years of experience in healthcare education, most recently leading the physiotherapy education experience in Bradford, strategizing, developing and delivering innovative practice placement experiences for physiotherapy and other healthcare students. The current project brings all my work together, with Claire, to develop  ‘Neoniq Training Solutions Limited’  an innovative student led training solution to support the expansion of healthcare training places.

Claire Graham
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I am enthusiastic about all things relating to physiotherapy and healthcare education. I have 12 years experience across 3 higher education institutions, during which time I have been involved with the set up of 2 innovative student led clinics which have provided student placements as well as affordable, accessible healthcare. I am passionate about healthcare training, and this project utilises my previous experience and knowledge of the sector with Michael, to contribute to the exciting development and expansion of healthcare placements.

Sarah Jeffrey
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I am an experienced physiotherapist and have worked in a range of different settings, including NHS and private providers,  for many years. Education has always been central to my practice, both when working with patients and students, and my role as Pain Specialist Physiotherapy incorporated my love for this alongside a multidisciplinary clinical approach. For the last 9 years I have delivered healthcare education in Higher Education, with an additional role of Physiotherapy Admissions Lead for both home and international students. Interacting with students, parents and carers, teachers and recruitment agents has allowed me to build a wealth of knowledge around the challenges of gaining a place to study physiotherapy in the UK and the steps needed for students to be successful. Working with Neoniq Training Solutions allows me to continue working to support students in healthcare education, as well as to help prospective students begin their journey into physiotherapy.

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